Aswad: What's it all about?

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Jah Blezz
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Aswad: What's it all about?

Beitragvon Jah Blezz » 16.04.2010, 16:44

What's Aswad's new single 'City Lock' all about? Drummie, Tony and Sweetie Irie give us the lowdown:

"Who's got the City Lock?!"

New Dubby Conqueror
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Beitragvon New Dubby Conqueror » 16.04.2010, 21:03

I bought an Aswad album last Saturday and I love the song "Dancehall Mood". This is an old piece, but to my mind the songs of Aswad's early years are much better. However, this is only my point of view. :wink:
We've been down in captivity so long.
If we must fight, we fight to be free so strong
They say the sun shines for all but in some people world it never shine at all.

Jah Blezz
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Beitragvon Jah Blezz » 19.04.2010, 10:18

Aswad have been fortunate enough to have a long and luscious career! From our old stuff through to the new - whatever you're into - that's great! Thanks for listening! One love.

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