Island/Tuff Gong Studio Alben mit Songtexten:

Catch A Fire
Natty Dread

Rastaman Vibration
Babylon by Bus

Survival (1979)
Uprising (1980)

Offizielle Studio Alben:

Album Band Release Date Label
The Wailing Wailers The Wailers 1965 Studio One
Soul Rebels The Wailers December 1970 Upsetter/Trojan
Soul Revolution The Wailers 1971 Upsetter/Trojan
Soul Revolution Part II The Wailers 1971 Upsetter/Trojan
The Best of the Wailers The Wailers August 1971 Beverley's
Catch a Fire The Wailers April 13, 1973 Island/Tuff Gong
African Herbsman The Wailers July 1973 Upsetter/Trojan
Burnin' The Wailers October 19, 1973 Island/Tuff Gong
Rasta Revolution Bob Marley & The Wailers 1974 Upsetter/Trojan
Natty Dread Bob Marley & The Wailers October 25, 1974 Island/Tuff Gong
Rastaman Vibration Bob Marley & The Wailers April 30, 1976 Island/Tuff Gong
Exodus Bob Marley & The Wailers June 3, 1977 Island/Tuff Gong
Kaya Bob Marley & The Wailers March 23, 1978 Island/Tuff Gong
Survival Bob Marley & The Wailers October 2, 1979 Island/Tuff Gong
Uprising Bob Marley & The Wailers June 10, 1980 Island/Tuff Gong
Confrontation (posthumous) Bob Marley & The Wailers May 23, 1983 Island/Tuff Gong

Offizielle Live Alben by Bob Marley & The Wailers:

Album Date Label
Live! December 5, 1975 Island/Tuff Gong
Babylon by Bus November 10, 1978 Island/Tuff Gong
Talkin' Blues (recorded in 1973) February 4, 1991 Island/Tuff Gong
One Love Peace Concert (22. April 1978) June 30, 1998 Pid
Live at the Roxy (recorded in 1976) June 24, 2003 Island/Tuff Gong

Offizielle Kompilationen:

Album Release Date Label
Interviews February 4, 1991 Island/Tuff Gong
Legend May 8, 1984 Island/Tuff Gong
Rebel Music 1986 Island/Tuff Gong
Songs of Freedom October 6, 1992 Island/Tuff Gong
Natural Mystic: The Legend Lives On 1995 Island/Tuff Gong
One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & The Wailers 2001 Island/Tuff Gong
Bob Marley and The Wailers: Trenchtown Rock (Anthology '69 - '78) 2002 Trojan Records
Gold 2005 Island/Tuff Gong
Africa Unite: The Singles Collection 2005 Island/Tuff Gong

Kompilationen of material recorded at Studio One 1963–1966:

Album Release Date Label
The Birth of a Legend 1990 Epic
One Love at Studio One (double CD) 1991 Heartbeat Records
Simmer Down at Studio One (same as disc one of One Love) 1994 Heartbeat Records
Wailing Wailers at Studio One (same as disc two of One Love) 1994 Heartbeat Records
The Toughest – collection of Peter Tosh's Studio One recordings 1996 Heartbeat Records
Destiny: Rare Ska Sides from Studio One 1999 Heartbeat Records
Wailers and Friends 1999 Heartbeat Records
Climb the Ladder 2000 Heartbeat Records
Greatest Hits at Studio One 2003 Heartbeat Records
One Love at Studio One (double CD re-issue) 2006 Heartbeat Records
Another Dance: Rarities from Studio One 2007 Heartbeat Records

Kompilationen of material recorded 1966–1971:

Album Release Date Label
Rock to the rock 1999 JAD/Koch International/Universal
Feel Alright 2004 JAD/Universal
Best of the Wailers 2004 JAD/Universal
Soul Rebels 2004 JAD/Universal
Soul Revolution Part II 2004 JAD/Universal
Upsetter Revolution Rhythm 2004 JAD/Universal
Universal Masters Collection 2004 JAD/Universal
Original Cuts 2004 JAD/Universal
127 King Street 2004 JAD/Universal
Ammunition Dub Collection 2004 JAD/Universal
Wail'N Soul'M Singles Selecta 2005 JAD/Universal
Grooving Kingston 12 (3-CD boxset) 2004 JAD/Universal
Fy-Ah, Fy-Ah (3-CD boxset) 2004 JAD/Universal
Man To Man (4-CD boxset) 2005 JAD/Universal

Offizielle Alben containing Remixes:

Album Release Date Label
Chances Are 1981 WEA
Soul Almighty: The Formative Years Vol.1 1996 JAD
Black Progress: The Formative Years Vol.2 1997 JAD
Dreams Of Freedom: Ambient Translations in Dub 1997 Island
Chant Down Babylon 1999 Island
Shakedown: Marley Remix 2001 JAD
Roots, Rock, Remixed 2007 Quango/Rockr/Tuff Gong

Tribute Alben containing re-recordings:

Album Release Date Label
Like Father Like Son 1996 WEA
Stir It Up: The Music of Bob Marley 1999 Telarc
Kaya N'Gan Daya 2002 WEA
Concrete Jungle: The Music of Bob Marley 2006 Telarc
The Best of Bob Marley and The Wailers Unknown Tuff Gong

Cover Versionen:

Artist Song Album Year
Johnny Nash "Stir It Up" I Can See Clearly Now 1972
Eric Clapton "I Shot the Sheriff" 461 Ocean Boulevard 1974
Boney M "No Woman, No Cry" Take The Heat Off Me 1976
Stiff Little Fingers "Johnny Was" Inflammable Material 1979
Shakespear's Sister "Could You Be Loved" Sacred Heart 1989
Annie Lennox "Waiting in Vain" Medusa 1995
Wyclef Jean with The Fugees "No Woman, No Cry" The Score 1996
Sublime "Trenchtown Rock" Second-hand Smoke 1997
Lauryn Hill "Turn Your Lights Down Low" Chant Down Babylon 1999
Phish "Trenchtown Rock" Various live performances  
Funkstar De Luxe "Sun is Shining" Singles 1999
Jimmy Buffett "No Woman No Cry" Margaritaville Cafe: Late Night Live 2000
Damian Marley "And Be Loved" Blue Crush soundtrack 2002
O.A.R./Night Shift "Stir It Up" Any Time Now 2002
Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer "Redemption Song" Unearthed 2003
Ziggy Marley and Sean Paul "Three Little Birds" Shark Tale Soundtrack 2004
Xavier Rudd "No Woman No Cry" Solace 2004
Cultura Profética Various songs Tribute to the Legend: Bob Marley 2007